Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Might Not Want to Know

NaBloPoMo February 2013
When do you feel your sexiest?

When I'm focused on my husband.
Sunday mornings.
After a shower.
In heels.
After a work-out. And then a shower.
Whenever I listen to Doris Troy's "Just One Look"

If you'll notice, a lot of these times are self-made. As in, they don't just happen to me, I endeavor to make them happen. Because feeling sexy- feeling beautiful and confident- is important. Because when I'm happy, my man's happy.

I've never taken much stock in how sexy I look. Attractive, sure. Beautiful, yes. But sexy? Was never really the look I tried to achieve. One of the great things about Mr. E is his constant appraisal of how I look. Whether I'm knee deep ocean waves or showing him my new haircut, he always takes the time to let me know just how sexy I am. And THAT is when I feel sexiest.

This marks Day 28, people. As in done with February's NaBloPoMo. Thank goodness, because if I had to type "sex" one more time I thought my ears might fall off. It's a good thing I've never foreseen romance novel-writing in my future...

Does this mean I'll stop writing every day? No. But I certainly won't feel obligated or pressured to do so either. I want to keep you updated on what I'm doing, I want to record all of my projects at home, I want a record of the movies we watch and the things we do. I want you to know exactly how Mr. E and I are going through life one weekend at a time.

So I'll keep the weekend picture updates. Because goodness knows I take enough pictures of Ripley. But this is also the story of me. And what I do to make myself happy with my life- which in large part is keeping Mr. E happy, too. 

Sit down, stay tuned and watch out. Our life is just beginning.

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