Saturday, February 2, 2013

LOVED This Week

NaBloPoMo February 2013

Ideal weekends are a mindless break from reality. I can do anything I want at whatever time I want and not have to worry about work or schedules or being anywhere and that's how I like it.

In the spirit of that, weekend posts will hereby be pictures. Maybe with captions, maybe without. These are the things we saw, we loved, we felt and we experienced over the course of the last week (possibly the last 24 hours). Sort of like a recap. 

This doubles as my effort to find joy in the little things. The menial. The everyday. 
This may end up being puppy-friendly weekend posts.
Fair warning.


  1. cute picture! and I like your idea to keep it simple on the weekends and just enjoy,

  2. I am sticking with picture weekends too! and since I usually have more stories come up on the weekend, I can save those for weekday writing :)

    I have sooo many ideas for dog shaming, but my husband doesn't want to embarrass our dogs. since they go on the internet, and all....


  3. Haha, I wouldn't shame my kids, but I don't mind shaming my dog! I think she's a willing volunteer though...


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