Monday, February 4, 2013


NaBloPoMo February 2013
Tell us about your first crush.

Really? I can't imagine that anyone would really care about who I crushed on at....12? 8? Besides, I'm not sure I even remember.

Was it Johnathan Taylor Thomas? I had a massive poster of his face in my bedroom.
Orlando Bloom? I was given a life-size cardboard cutout of Legolas...also in my bedroom for years.
I bet it was Peter Pan. I've always liked the way a guy looks in green.

My fascination with men on screen (or boys in the case of Peter...and JTT) has been cultivated for many years. That may be some indication as to why I fell head over heels for a man with screen-time goals.

First in-person crush? A boy named Michael in first grade. We were living in Hawaii at the time and I remember he was moving to Yosemite. I've moved so often that I am very adept at imagining new places, despite the fact they NEVER look like how I imagine them. I thought for sure that he was moving into the National Park to be surrounded by trees and woodland creatures. He would live in a log cabin and it would always be slightly gloomy among the giant trunks. I visited the park years later and it didn't quite live up to expectations: more sun, less cabins.

Our class wrote him letters once- probably our teacher's idea of a great writing exercise. I remember drawing tiny penciled hearts around the border of the letter, but trying very hard to cover them all with my hands so no one would see. This is the way you smudge your letters irreparably, especially when you are a heavy-handed child and every word must be scrawled deep enough to resemble cuneiform.

I don't think I ever heard from him, but that's not surprising as children in the Navy don't stay in touch long between stations.  

In a RELATED turn of events, some guy I knew in SECOND grade (same school, same station) actually contacted me on Facebook. Considering I may or may not have had a crush on him also, that was super awkward. So maybe there's a reason I don't talk to anyone I grew up with. Navy kids are WEIRD.

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