Friday, March 1, 2013

Check This Out!

So, if you've seen me at all during the month of February, you'll realize that I was a part of Blogher's National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)- a challenge to bloggers big and small to blog once a day for a full month. Whatever your subject, it's important to blog (to write, to be creative, to take time for you, to connect...) often and well. 

While I'm still getting the hang of things, I'm also taking the time for myself to write. Something that has been conspicuously lacking in my life since graduating with a degree in Microbiology- not much reflective writing there. Sometimes what I've written will make it's way here- tutorials, recipes, reflections, explanations and the like- but other times, I'll post it on Blogher. Because Blogher is a community of blogging women, blogging about women, I feel a little more at home reading and commenting on broad topics such as business, parenting, and social commentary. 

The posts on Blogher aren't any better (or worse) than I post here- it's just another outlet to express my views. Especially since I'm not whole-heartedly set on where Being Mrs. E is going. The blog, not the being part. So while I'm blindly typing into the internet, Blogher came across a post I wrote and decided to feature it! Cue the excitement!
Featured on
You can find the post here: I Can't Afford Kids, Either. I think everyone has their different views on the subject: some of us can't wait to get started, others have parenthood thrust upon them, and still others need their i's dotted, t's crossed; but the thread that connects all families is the struggle to give your kids the best they can have. Someday this will happen to Mr. E and also. But right now? We'll slug it with the rest of the childless couples and make the best life we can in preparation. Because as it is, we'll need to prepare ourselves for a good long haul!

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