Monday, February 11, 2013

No Holds Barred Valentine!

NaBloPoMo February 2013
What is your ideal Valentine's Day celebration? Oh, this prompt's easy! Let's set the scene... A twilight restaurant, dim lights, flickering candles (far away from Mr. E's sensitive eyes), brightly polished silverware and glasses that ting softly when you touch them. The room murmurs quietly, no one person too loud or too boisterous. Mr. E has a quiet smile on his face, one I've seen a million times before but still gives me butterflies. Will always give me butterflies. He's happy to see me happy. It doesn't matter what he wears, because it changes as easily as his mind...slacks, jeans, a button up or his ironed flannel shirt that brings out the soft green of his eyes. He always tells me that no matter what he wears when we go out, he always feels like a schmuck. I am wearing my favorite pair of heels (comfortable and cute) and I've made sure I've put on make-up...a girl needs to look her best when being taken out! We talk about how happy we are, our plans for the future, utterly satisfied at this present moment. We don't have to worry about our dog, our finances, classes or work or family. All that matters is here and now. We are both adventurous and safe in our food choices, picking and choosing, sharing and enjoying the flavors. Maybe it's filet mignon? An assortment of cheese and wines? Exotic dishes? Gourmet burgers? Whatever it is, we enjoy the experience. When the dinner is almost over, Mr. E leans over and whispers once again how beautiful I look, how lucky he is to be here with me. This is why I married this man- my expectation of an ideal husband is met and exceeded each and every single day. Afterwards we stroll, arms linked. Window shopping. On the beach. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the city or the neighborhood. The world is an opportunity for the young and kid-less- we could stay out all night, talking of those things young people talk about, our dreams and our hopes for each other. If we're feeling super generous (after dinner which may or may not have cost 2/5 of a TV) maybe small gifts are exchanged: a bracelet, cuff links, a movie to watch together. The gift isn't important, but the sentiment is. My favorite part of the night? The strength of our relationship. Once more tightening our bonds as husband and wife, partners and companions.

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