Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Girl

So, in case you haven't heard, there's this thing going around...called the "Hey Girl" meme. It's basically a sort of strange way for some women to coherently express their inner "Mr. Perfect" while getting a good dose of man candy (aka Ryan Gosling). You get a single picture of a hunky man (usually Mr. Gosling) and a one-liner that sums up how women may feel at a particular moment. Some of these can be hysterical. Others are giggle-worthy. I've seen a few where I shake my head in shame because I've been there.

One of the blogs I follow, Domestic Imperfection, is hosting a party to show off your own "Hey Girl" meme. I've got some stunners of Mr. E, but I narrowed it down to just one. 
And one of Ripley. Because I know how to embarrass my housemates.


  1. OMG Ripley! She is so freaking cute.

  2. A glamor shot in an elevator, I love it!

    Thanks for joining in on the fun.



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