Monday, February 25, 2013


NaBloPoMo February 2013
Do you think you would enjoy being a "sex symbol?"
Let's get those giggles out now, people. Would I enjoy it? Sure. For those first few photoshoots until someone had the nerve to criticize me. I do NOT take criticism well. I absorb criticism like a sponge. I take the time to taste it, each excruciating bite, savoring it all until I can break it down, digest it, and let it go.
I'm not skinny enough.
I'm not big enough.
I'm not toned enough.
I don't have any place in my own idea of what "sexy" is, but that doesn't mean that I can't be sexy. And it certainly doesn't mean that I don't try. 
I think sexy is relative. Objective. Dependent. 
And let's be honest, why would I want anyone other than my husband to symbolize me. I'll take your admiration and praise from something else, thanks.

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