Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Captain America

Imdb synopsis: After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending USA ideals.
Ohmygoodness this movie is so awful. I'm so disappointed in Hollywood for cranking out all of the superhero movies. The studios have found their new cash cow and now everyone is banking on caped crusaders (minus the capes most of the time) as guaranteeing them an audience and a viewer base. This is not the case. Well...maybe it is for most movie-goers.
It's just so disheartening to see storylines with no original thought, no imagination and such heavy computer graphics. Many of the original stories revolved around the character; the conflict helped you understand the flaws and insecurities that made these heroes just like us. But the smashing and the fighting and the ridiculous stunts leaves much to be desired in terms of story. And the writing? 
We can do better, Hollywood.
Just because comics were cheesy doesn't mean we have to be too.

The first time Mr. E and I watched this movie was at the drive-in, all snuggled together with out blankets and our snacks and that wonderful drive-in smell. We were not impressed. In fact, it was a major disappointment because Mr. E thinks Cap is the bees knees. We knew we would never buy this movie and left it at that. But after talking to some other people about it who had better reviews than our own, we were left with a little bit of self-doubt.
Maybe it wasn't so bad. 
Maybe we were being too hard on it. 
Maybe we expected too much and just needed to enjoy it for what it was. 
Maybe it's not smart-aleck Iron Man, or politically relevant X-Men, but it might hold it's own.

Wrong. This movie still sucks. 

After just coming from watching period dramas like Band of Brothers and The Pacific, where war-stories are told in a poignant and relatable way, Captain America (set in the midst of WWII) just came off as a weak and underdeveloped (ha! see what I did there?) story.

A good friend pointed out her problem with a lot of superhero movies is the fact that they have human (not supers) characters performing stunts or theatrics that humans could not survive. Black Widow has no powers. Hawkeye has no powers. Captain America HAS NO POWERS. He is a super soldier, yes, but he is not invincible. 

Plus? I always imagined Cap would be older than what they portrayed Steve Rogers. No wonder people didn't believe him in the movie- he was some young get-up that hadn't actually done anything worthy of his moniker.

Ultimately, this movie was a let down. The stakes weren't high enough for me to root for Cap, and I felt like this movie was just a filler for the other Avenger story-lines. 

"Go get 'im! I can SWIM!"

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