Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Blogging: How to Get Your Husband to Do What You Want

The Nester's 31 Days of Blogging is here! I wrote what I know best...
I have a rockin' relationship with my husband. I'm not bragging and I'm not comparing (though we'll get to that later)- it's just the God's honest truth. I'm crazy about Mr. E and I'm not afraid to say it. Or blog about it. I think it's sort of evident, though, when we have friends ask us how we do it. In truth, it's a little embarrassing to hear people "want" a relationship like yours. We're human, too! We have fights and arguments and problems just like anyone else! But what is it that makes us so special? Why are we the poster children for a great relationship?
Because I've figured out how to get my husband to do what I want.
This sounds crazy. Downright impossible.
First of all, this implies control or domination of some sort that isn't actually present between my husband and myself. There's no pants-wearing, no exclusive shot-caller. This isn't about orders or rules.
Second of all, husbands are not machines. This isn't some month-long rant about secretly gaining the upper hand in your relationship, or manipulating your significant other to your every whim.
I am not an expert, but I think I've been advised enough times by countless married, unmarried, living together, "it's complicated", significant other-d couples to know a thing or two about what works for us. And may work for you. These are words of wisdom as interpreted by myself...and my husband.
This isn't perfect. This isn't fool proof. But I firmly believe that this a start to encouraging a relationship between other words your husband will do whatever you want.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Partner
Step 2: Fostering a Positive Environment
Step 3: Indulge Him
Step 4: Hold Your Horses. And Your Temper. But Not That Knife.
Mr. E on How He Does What He Wants
Step 5: Accept Blame
Step 6: Choose Your Battles
Step 7: Show Him Some Love
Step 8: Be Frank (But Mostly Yourself)
Step 9: Leading By Example and Pulling Your Own Weight
Step 10: Avoiding Comparison
Mr. E on Service
Step 11: Don't Set Him Up to Fail
Step 12: To Get You've Got to Give
Step 13: Bribery
Step 14: Make Him Choose
Step 15: Change What You're Asking For
Step 16: Communicate Your Desires
Mr. E on How Cooking is Good for Your Relationship
Step 17: Timing is Everything
Step 18: Be Honest (?)
Step 19: Politeness Isn't Just for Strangers
Step 20: Ask, Don't Tell
Step 21: Short and Sweet
Step 22: Stop Trying
Mr. E on Balancing Work and Home
Step 23: Love Languages
Step 24: Are You Focused?
Step 25: Some Things to Not Do. No Matter How Tempting
Step 26: Know Your Limits
Step 27: It's Okay to Fight. Just Do It Fairly.

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