Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dilemma Solved

Ask and ye shall receive.

A while ago I posted my decorating dilemma: how to hang my gallery wall in our new bedroom. After a few nights of rearranging and some very well-timed Pinterest pins (thanks, Jenny!), we slapped all those suckers on the wall!

No frames were harmed in the process, though our pride might be bruised.

I'm more of a "hang it then fix it later" type of gal, but this drives Mr. E batty. So to compromise I traced all of our frames onto packing paper and taped them to the wall so we could move them around as we pleased. No holes, no spackle, less mess.
The arrangement we decided to go with
Then, when you want to hang, add a little dab of toothpaste to the back of the frame where the nail should go, level and press against the wall. You get a dab of paste right where you need to hammer the nail with no extra holes.
That little blue dot is toothpaste
After a while I got a little toothpaste happy- where I was putting toothpaste willy-nilly on frames that actually had hangers...
But they're all finally up and frames aren't littering the floor anymore, so we're all good. Phew.
It's all about utilizing your space wisely in such a small apartment, so the opposite wall looks a little something like this...
Now if only it wasn't so freaking hot.

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