Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mr. E on How Cooking is Good for Your Relationship

All men should know how to cook. Even if all you know is blue box mac n cheese, it’s a start. Your woman’s favorite kind of meal is one that she didn’t have to cook. Trust me on that.

I have a really hard time cooking a full course meal, because I am dreadful at multitasking, ESPECIALLY in the kitchen. I can’t stir the sauce while I’m worrying about whether or not the chicken is cooked all the way through. So most of the time Mrs. E and I share the load, I cook the meat and she cooks the sides. But sometimes I like to do all of it. Those are Mrs. E’s favorite dinners because she didn’t have to do anything.

It’s been a bit harder over the past few months for me to cook for a couple of reasons. One is that at our new apartment we don’t haveroom for a bbq, which means that I have to cook in the kitchen, which means I am completely out of my element. Two is that when I am working I usually don’t even get home til after 9 pm and who wants to eat dinner that late? Nobody that’s who.

So here’s my Mr. E Guarantee: Cook for your wife/girlfriend and she will be happy. And a happy wife makes it easier to be a happy husband. 

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