Friday, September 27, 2013

True Story

I feel like I cheated, a little bit.

I didn't twitter party last night because Mr. E and I were enjoying our new mounted-on-the-wall TV (new mounting, not new TV) and this morning all I skimmed through was that the FMF word was TRUE. And instead of reading, I wrote. So when I linked up and saw that she asked for "our true stories" I felt like I had cheated her (and you) out

There's not a whole lot that I don't say on here. I blog my life and the things that happen in it. If I didn't say it here, I might have said it on twitter, but overall you're getting my true story every time you open this page. As I feel more and more comfortable being me, I write a little bit more- revealing myself in bits and pieces, peeling back layers to expose my inner and most protected self.

You'll read things like how Mr. E and I met (over a blind phone date) and how we knew we were going to get married within a month (and only two months before he left for his LDS mission to Kentucky). How we've been married for two years and together for five and a half and I've never found anyone as perfectly imperfect as my husband.

Or things like my dissatisfaction with the career choices I made in college (microbiology degree) and my penchant for sewing and crocheting and cross-stitching and painting. That all of these things- both the artistic and the logical- make me who I am though I have yet to find that balance.

I told you how scared I was to move to LA, but after a two month (and finally successful) job search, I've spent enough time navigating the sights and sounds of the city that I realized I will love this city. Eventually.

I'll tell you things like how our weekend was or will be, and why things make me feel the way I feel. That I'm broken and confused but uplifted and set straight, sometimes all in the same day, and that I am exactly where I need to be right now. That there are seasons in my life that made me cry and get angry, but there's always sunshine after the storm and these things don't last forever and as much as I love the person I am now it wasn't always that way and I still have a ways to go.

I'm the kind of girl who wears capris without shaving her legs and can sometimes go two days without washing my hair because it's always in a bun. I can't hang a picture nice enough for my husband but I can bake a mean pie. I lose chapstick and I break sunglasses so I never buy the expensive kind. I will challenge anyone to a Wii Just Dance-off but mostly I just want to spend my day reading a really good book.

This blog is my story. My true story.

Don't be afraid to share yours.

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