Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Step Seven: Show Him Some Love

Much in the same way that I need to foster a positive environment in order to encourage my husband to do things with me, part of that environment is giving Mr. E tangible reminders. Not only is this a sweet gesture, but it lets Mr. E know that he's important to me, that he's remembered throughout my day and that he's still (always) my main man.
I know that when this is done for me it certainly boosts my ego and encourages me a little further to help out in the things he needs.

There's a lot of exepctation in our society that wives are needy and husbands need to step up their game to assauge their wives, but I think this is sort of unfair. Mr. E needs to be shown on a regular basis that I'm thinking of him- partly because that's his personality, but also because hubbies have needs too!

Buy his favorite snack at the store, just 'cuz.
Leave him a love note: on the mirror, on the TV, on the bedside table- or all three!
Give him a hand massage.
Pull out his favorite movie to watch.
Make his favorite meal.

People are more likely to listen and follow what you need when you show them that they're appreciated before you ever have need of them. Mr. E knows that I give him affection more often than just when I need something from him, so he doesn't feel cornered or distrustful when those little gestures occur. Instead we've built a system of encouragement for one another through word and deed that shows that we listen and understand each other. 

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