Friday, October 18, 2013

Groupies for the Blue Men

I know that fall has hit the rest of you, but I'm still sort of holding on to summer. Sure, night is coming a little faster and pumpkin-spiced anything has become a marketing epidemic, but it's still pretty warm here in the valley!  As sort of a last hurrah to the season we never seem to get enough of, Mr. E and I trekked to an LA tradition: the Hollywood Bowl.
We went to see the Blue Man Group play a special Bowl-only performance with (something) orchestra. What a fun date! We sat in nosebleed seats and waved off second-hand pot smoke from the bushes and enjoyed the antics of those crazy blue PVC performers.
Some shows at the Bowl are open early for show-goers to bring food and picnic. As we traveled the four escalators to our seats we watched ragtag groups unpacking kabobs, ribs, chow mein, sandwiches and bottles upon bottles of wine. In honor of the occasion (and the venue!) we made a summer pizza: dates, bacon, goat cheese and nectarines.
Yeah, sometimes I like to get a little crazy.

The original recipe called for figs and bacon and goat cheese, but you make do with what you have, amirite? The crust was brushed with balsamic vinegar, topped with stuff then drizzled with honey and baked til melt-y. I will enjoy you, LA, even if I have to stuff myself with bacon to do it.

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