Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Coat of Paint

We went a little spray paint happy last weekend. Here are a few of our new updates.
The kitchen organizer. What was once a dark red now greets you with a cheery smile every time I walk into the kitchen. In my dream house my kitchen will be bright and airy with pops of happy yellow appliances and dishtowels. This is our first step. Well, technically our third or fourth after my Kitchenaid (Thanks, SallyMom) and my cutting boards (Thanks, Mr. E).
I find I want to be in the kitchen more often (MORE often?) just to look at this thing. I love it. a messy and Valentine-ed-Up office
Then we spray painted our cork boards. This poor room is so neglected. Only a few months before we have to leave and I've finally hit my stride with it. We cleaned, organized and de-cluttered our little hearts out and have finally found a balance to the desk-top, the chair arrangement and the creative corners. While I had initially planned on spray painting both corkboards black (or white), I never got around to it and I'm so glad I waited. The pop of blue was the perfect touch to tie in the other blue tones from around the room. They look so much more cohesive.
After...cleaned up and blue!
A spray-painting party just don't stop, and even Mr. E had to get in on the action. Here's a little sneak peek into our Halloween costume. Yeah, we're starting that early. Let's be honest, though, Mr. E will find any excuse to use this bad boy. When not being flaunted or carried around lovingly (my husband is a giant 3 year old), the shield decorates the office too! Look at those matching blues...
 Lastly, as a little side project, I found this tray in our garage, courtesy of our landlady. While some people would appreciate the original art (hand painted), I was drooling over the shape. 

The hand-joined corners were calling my name and with a little elbow grease and some sandpaper, I was able to sand down the brush strokes and spray painted this a metallic silver. You can still see some of the original flowers, but now it looks like etched metal without all the hassle of cleaning silver.
I can't leave well-enough alone, so I painted a giant spring green stripe down the middle too as sort of an homage to our new duvet cover. I would like to paint something a little more personal on top of that, but I can't decide:
1) Words? A poem, our wedding vows, a song? 2) Symbols? a spoon, a monogram, a fluer de lis? 3) Something geeky? The chemical structure of dopamine? Seratonin? A soundwave of Mr. E's voice?
Decisions, decisions. Ultimately, my goal is to re-paint the nightstands too. Any suggestions?

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