Friday, March 15, 2013

No More Doughnuts

No more doughnuts.
I am tired of the way I feel after eating one (tired). I don't even particularly LIKE what does that say about my fat American self? Eating because they're THERE. Sheesh.

Each time I see one I think, Gee, maybe this one will be different.

Or, Golly, I've never tried a crumb-covered one- it must be good!

But of course they're spongy and dense and covered in fake sugar and glaze and stick all over your fingers. Then you just feel like you've coated your insides with gunk and you can't move but your stomach just realized it's actually hungry and can it please have some more?

It's not like I don't try to eat healthy. Instead of a rigorous meal plan, I opt for 5 fruits and veggies a day. I figure if I can make room for that, I'm full enough that I don't want to snack on something else. And for the most part that works.

I'm particularly partial to fruits- they may be sugary, but at least I'm not eating chocolate each time I crave sweets.

Veggies are a little more tough...

Most of them have to be fresh (tomatoes, carrots, celery, radishes, bell pepper)

Or cooked in a particular way (green beans, artichokes)

Every once in a while I can jump out of my comfort zone (pumpkin soup, cauliflower stir fry)

I've also severely limited my soda/sugar drink supply. I can down at least  6 tall glasses of water a day- and I notice when I haven't achieved that goal.

So why no doughnuts? Because almost every Friday I'm plagued by lab partner decides to be nice to the office and brings in this perfect pink box. 

And almost every Friday I'm distracted, lethargic and uncomfortable. This has less to do with the prospect of a weekend and more to do with what I just ingested.

No more!

Not even one to celebrate "Doughnut free since '13!"

Now blueberry muffins on the other hand....

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