Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Close Shave

I feel like I should write a disclaimer to this post. My husband is not quite as BA (badass) as these pictures would make you think. Sorry, babe. I mean, he certainly CAN be pretty intimidating...but on the whole? This is the man who coos like a baby when he sees our dog after a long day. The same man who looks forward to receiving Lego sets as gifts. The one who bought me a Wonder Woman keychain the other day because "I'm AWESOME!!! ;{D"

So when he chooses to look a little like a thug, it makes me giggle.

What happens when you have a newly birthday-ed husband with a week of free time on his hands (his last spring break!), a camera, a will and a way? Your man decides the best use of his time is to make a short movie, starring himself, doing something he's always wanted to do. 
Maybe we should preface this by saying that Mr. E has a very complicated relationship with his hair. He gets frustrated during the summer because his hair is too long. He gets very frustrated during the winter because his long hair won't lie the way he wants it to.
Sometimes he reminisces about a time in fourth grade when his head was shaved. I am incredibly thankful he didn't shave his entire head. I will gladly handle the Puckhawk if only to avoid the Bruce Willis.
We've been seeing a lot of different faces from Mr. E, lately. But today? It's just hair. Or lack thereof. And it'll all grow back.


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