Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Turn This Day Around, Shall We?

This day is not awful, it's not going places in hand baskets and it's certainly not the worst I've ever had. But it's not the most productive, either. I am a staunch believer in productivity. If I can cross something off my to-do list or run an errand or three before my coffee buzz wears off, I count this day a success.

Work...just wasn't working. 
Mr. E will be working late tonight.
And the sky outside has the most beautiful shades of gray.
Not actually where I am, but where I wish I was...
Let's just snuggle and watch Doctor Who, mmmkay?

We don't have to think about the three scarves I need to crochet. Or the cross-stitch I should finish (x4). Let's put aside the duvet I plan on making this weekend. And we'll just close the door on the housekeeping, the laundry (always.the.freaking.laundry.), the dog walking, the dishes and the birthday cards. The reading, the Kindle-fixing, the iPod backing-up, the pizza dough making. The return to Target (for vacuum bags, hallelujah!), the grocery run for essentials (eggs, milk, veggies, cream) and the dinner with work friends can all wait until I have the mindset of a sane person again.

In other news, I was featured on Blogher again! My post is titled "Ender's Game is My Favorite Book But the Author Disappointed Me".

I'm not kidding. 

I didn't really pick that title, but I couldn't decide on my favorite way of rhyming Ender and same-gender marriages. C'est la vie.

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