Thursday, January 31, 2013

V-day Gifts

Use it up Wear it out Make it do Or do without
This year we're living within our means. We're saving. We're paying off. We're rocking our finances. And we feel pretty good.

Fewer luxuries bought means fixing clothes (thank you, sewing machine) and craft projects using what I already have. It's not always easy--especially in a society that encourages you to buy what you want when you want it-- but it's worth it. We don't have parents to bail us out of our financial blunders. We don't rely on borrowing money from somewhere else to tide us over if we're over budget.

This is scary, ya'll
But this is real life. And if we can do it (partly because we have to, mostly because we want to) then you can too!

So what's a girl to do when Valentine's Day is around the corner? I needed something special and romantic, but thrifty and down-to-earth. I know we'll most likely cook dinner together instead of going out, so it isn't the atmosphere that's the problem. But what to give each other?

My husband and I are a little gooey at times...we just never lost that puppy-lovin' PDA. I like to think that we're fortunate to have found another person who acknowledges the reassurance and support of physical touch. We hug, we snuggle and we hold hands. But with colder weather comes jackets and restrictive pockets! We have a hard time keeping our hands warm if we're holding them out in the elements.

So when I came across these pocket warmers, I fell in love. I could do that! 

All I needed was a little felt
some embroidery thread
a needle

I cut two felt hearts out for each warmer- a front and a back. They were roughly the same size, but I didn't restrict myself to using the same pattern for each warmer. Some were squat, others tall.
I laid them together and sewed nice big stitches around the outside. I wasn't overly worried about anything falling out since these aren't going to get a whole lot of rough action. No kids to worry about and they're easy enough to mend.
I left a small opening in the hearts to fill with brown rice (all we had on hand!). At this point I added a little bit of peppermint extract so that the warmers would smell nice too! If you were feeling really romantic, you could add a few drops of your own perfume. Once these are warmed in the microwave your significant other would instantly be reminded of you! (I snuck a few of those in there too)
Finish the hole, tie a knot and you're done!
In this house we the method of giving is almost as good as the gift that vein I decided to hide 12 of these little guys around the house. You could add love notes or hints to the next one also, but I played it simple by hiding each warmer in a well-used spot by Mr. E. 
It's entirely likely that less than 12 of them will actually be found on Valentine's...this only prolongs the fun! When he least expects it he'll open a drawer or bag to find a little reminder that I'm crazy about him. And that's almost gift enough for me...:)

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