Monday, January 14, 2013

Week of Dates

So, this is a bit late, but this is what we were up to the week before Christmas.
I went to Medieval Times for the first time. Couldn't have come at a better time, considering I'm GLUED to the third book in the Game of Thrones series. I never liked politics in fantasy novels when I was younger but I am absolutely blown away by the complex and intricate plots in this story.
Mr. E and a Northman...Scottish? Westerosi?
Anyways, as a gracious birthday/anniversary gift from my grandmother, Mr. E and I feasted and cheered to our hearts content!
I told Mr. E that if he ever wants to switch careers, he should totally be a Medieval Times performer. The cheese and the was amazing. I didn't think I would enjoy it this much, but I screamed with the best of them.
I can't wait to do the Pirates show...maybe they train dolphins? Tuna? SWORDFISH?
Our Black and White Night de Santa Crue! He lost...

Also, this is what happens when you have a minor addiction to Pringles- recycled Christmas gifts to my coworkers.
Maybe it's weird, but I'm always torn about this. Granted, I've never really been a true employee (temp, student, etc) so I wonder about the etiquette. But I am determined to be more gracious in thought and deed, so I overcame my shyness (let's face it, that's what it was) and baked cookies. Lots of cookies.

I made Spritz cookies (a family favorite) and gingerbread, then topped it off with some of my sister-in-law's home recipe chocolate chip cookies. My mom used Pringles cans as gift containers years ago and that thought has stuck with me ever since. Pretty sure Mr. E though I was nuts when we kept saving the cans...but they came out so cute!
I rinsed the insides of the cans down (BBQ, anyone?) and dried them for a day. Then I actually planned ahead and cut my wrapping paper to the correct measurements...instead of just winging it. So much easier to tape and trim. ;)
I stuffed the cans full of goodies and voila. Instant cute. Gets rid of wrapping paper I don't think I'll use anymore...upcycles some cans...gets fattening mounds of cookies out of my house...It's really a win win. Ripley thought they were pretty cute, too.

Speaking of, I caved and bought her some doggy pajamas. No, I don't carry this dog around in my purse; no, I won't spend more on a Halloween costume than I do on myself; and no, I won't buy her doggy booties. But her butt looks SO CUTE in these pajamas. Even if she doesn't need them.

Plus, she learned how to use her bathroom bells! We had been having accidents on the carpet (the ONLY carpet in the house, thankyouverymuch) for a little while, which drove me crazy. So I looked up ways to teach your dog to notify you when they need to go- especially in the middle of the night. Someone suggested having your dog hit bells right next to the door, every time they went outside to pee. It's an association they'll eventually learn on their own: when the bells chime, the door opens and pup is free to 10-1 and 10-2 to her hearts content. 

 Our yard is really too small to do much else- so we don't use the bells when we're going to play or when we're going for a walk. Just for potty breaks.
 Ripley was having a hard time hitting the bells by herself (at least for me, though Mr. E reported success a few days before I did). I think part of this is she hasn't learned what pointing means...when mom or dad points a finger (or a toe) it means look there! But she caught on and last weekend we heard bells chime from the other end of the house- thinking it a fluke, we took her outside and she immediately did her business. 
 Mr. E is one proud dad.

Lastly, we instigated a new tradition. I was feelin' blue and lonely with Mr. E gone so often on set, and sweet man that he is, he noticed. So we started "The WEEK OF DATES". Every night was one date or another- going out, spending time with each other, talking, connecting...It's been fantastic. 
Monday we cooked dinner together and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, since we missed it for Halloween. This movie is TOTALLY worth it in Blu-Ray. On Tuesday we packed egg salad sandwiches and walked around Naples, at the suggestion of my coworker. It's a small island by Long Beach where the millionaires have their second homes and they all decorate and display their homes for Christmas. As you stroll along the canals (Venice would have been a better name?) you glimpse Christmas trees and lights and Christmas collections- a few houses even had movies playing for the passerbys!  Also...December...on the VERY cold. And windy. Wednesday we made pork chops and salad, then hit the dollar theatre for Looper (we love Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Thursday was Medieval Times (dinner AND theatre). Tonight? Nachos, a long walk with our puppy, snuggling on the couch watching a Christmas movie with nog and cookies in hand. Technically, I was multi-tasking trying to finish all the last-minute gifts I decided to make, but that's irrelevant.

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