Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Mr. E and I have an obsession with Mexican food, although technically I think you would call it Mexican American. I've been to real Mexican food places and the food is phenomenal, but at home we make it a little more simple. Beans, taco seasoning, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and lots of veggies. 

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to make- tacos, burritos and nachos all basically have the same ingredients. Plus, I use what I have, so our meals are always a little different when you don't consistently have an ingredient.

It's hard for me to branch out of these easy meals- the ingredients are always on hand, we're always in the mood for Mexican, I love black beans and homemade tortillas- but sometimes I want to experiment. The first time I made enchiladas it was someone's recipe from the Food Network and it took me much longer than I wanted to get all of the ingredients together the way it required. In the end it was chunky and flavorful, but so much work to create. This time I opted for something a little easier...

I made fresh flour tortillas and had Mr. E grill some chicken. 
With our basics on hand (olives, beans, and cheese) we added some cilantro and packed in our enchiladas.

I ended up with so many tortillas (and so much stuffing) that we made two pans of it, one with red sauce and one with green sauce. 
I had never used green sauce before. This is a mistake that should never be repeated. We couldn't eat enough of it! Then again, we both like green salsa...
Enchiladas are so easy if you have the time to make them. Stuff your tortillas with whatever you want (you see bean and cheese enchiladas all the time at restaurants), place face down in the pan and douse in sauce. Cook for 35 minutes and add cheese on top to melt.

Someday we'll try carne asada fries again...

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