Sunday, June 16, 2013

LOVED This Week

Okay, okay, I didn't actually love this week. I loved last week but I never got around to downloading all the pictures to show you so...

This week we jumped head-long into sending out resumes and applications for jobs in LA. At least we have someone to share in the misery with, right?

Mr. E finally received his computer as one of his graduation presents- he customized a Dell computer so he could edit/sound-design from home at some point. If he needed to.
And, sadly, we're getting rid of the big ticket items we've held onto in this house that won't be able to make the move with us. Things like Mr. E's drum-set. And cymbals. It's been difficult, but in all honesty Mr. E doesn't play anymore since drums are sort of a band-sport. We're more into archery now- taking a few hours out of the day to shoot at the local (free) archery range. Not only is this an individual activity, but it also takes up less space! I can store a bow, but five drums and stands and cymbals was something I was having a hard time with.

This is what that USED to look and all!

We're having a tough time keeping up with all of the movies that are coming out this summer too- so many good blockbusters we're sure we want to go see, but who has all that time? Looks like the local dollar theatre might be seeing more of us...

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