Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY Phone Holder

I have sat on this project for a long time. I found it somewhere out there on the internet and I thought, "Well, gee, we go through a lot of lotion bottles. AND I have a tendency to lose my phone if we're traveling. So this is totally do-able!"

Well sure.

It takes one month to hold onto the mostly empty lotion bottle.
It takes another two weeks to cut the lotion bottle with a box-cutter (only because I'm a perfectionist and I like rounded edges).
Let it sit for two months in your craft box.
Take two weeks to choose which scrap of fabric you'll use.
Take two more weeks to sit the fabric and the bottle together in plain sight, hoping that this will encourage you. It doesn't.
I roughly traced the outline of the back of the holder and gave myself a little bit of room so I could fold back any extra fabric. In the same vein I traced the outline of the front part of the bottle, allowing extra to fold around the sides of the bottle and onto the back.
Keeping the fabric in place was really tricky. Of course I chose a really slippery fabric, so trying to stretch the piece so there were no wrinkles was a major pain. My saving grace was the sticky residue left over from when I peeled off the lotion bottle stickers. I could stick and stretch until I was ready to paint with Mod Podge.

Most of my strokes were horizontal, both because it looked better and also because when I tried stoking vertically the weight of the brush and the tug of the fabric moved the whole gooey mess. 
There may or may not have been some choice words said. But, as always, I persevered  The back doesn't look fantastic, but the front was flat, and that's all that matters.
I did the front in the same way, but instead of gluing the allowance over the side, I folded it so there was a sort of hem around the cut edge of the bottle. Again, the sticky residue came to my rescue and I was able to fold and temporarily stick the hem to the bottle until I was ready to paste it down.
I think the fabric lost some of it's sheen when I glued it, but I didn't mind too much. The print was kind of bright and eclectic so you can't really see any of the imperfections.

Overall I'm not sure that I'll use this very often, but it was another project finished. At least it'll free up counter-space! :) 

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