Monday, April 1, 2013

LOVED This Weekend

We've deemed this weekend the Weekend of Puppies. It seems like warmer weather sprung puppy fever and our family has taken to it like ducks to water. 
I spy...
We breakfasted at Grandma's to see Miss Caitlin; a black Corgi/Chinese crested/Yorkshire Terrier/etc. Very shy, but very sweet. Ripley may have been a little too much to handle for her, as Ripley chased her nonstop. Apparently my dog is a bit of a bully?

The closest they got without running...
Drove off to see puppy #2: Zoey! A Poodle/King Cavalier Spaniel/Terrier mix and the most boisterous puppy you've ever met. She had no problem playing with my parent Doberman, with Ripley, with toes, with shoelaces...She's all energy. Until she's not. Sleeps like a log just like all little puppies.

Puppy #3 was with Mr. E's brother- Dani is a Yorkie/Maltese/Pomeranian mix and will stay very very small. She wasn't a fan of Ripley either, but maybe if Ripley could keep her nibbles to herself, they might be friends.

Exhausted, Mr. E and I left a beautiful view (or two...bajillion) and trudged back home through traffic, plopped our butts in bed and vowed never to move again. 

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