Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cornmeal Cake

Pinterest recipe: nailed it!

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I love Pinterest. It is SO useful for wrangling all the things I want to try, to do, to make. Recipes, craft projects, sewing, decorations- I like supporting other blogs and their endeavors. I'd rather try a recipe that's been used and approved by a blogger I can relate to rather than 
So when I had to search "wheat free dessert", I wasn't disappointed. This cake seemed so easy, and I had all the ingredients (ultimately the deciding factor for ALL recipes).
We ran into a small snafu when I took my eyes off the melting sugar for a second and burned the resulting candy to the pan. womp womp But it was a quick fix after I was able to chip the sugar out of the pan. Lesson learned.
I followed the recipe pretty much to the T, the only exception that I used a mix of walnuts and almonds instead of pecans. #Usewhatyouhave Let me tell you, this tasted AMAZING. It wasn't strictly wheat-free because there was a 3/4 cup of flour in it, but on the whole it was mostly cornmeal and eggs. 
We enjoyed dinner with friends: meat and veggie kebabs, grilled shrimp, edamame and some sweet moscato. It was a pretty big hit with most people going back for seconds!

You could get pretty creative with it, too. Think peaches, plums or pears (didn't mean alliteration, there, guys) and different types of nuts. 

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