Monday, April 1, 2013

Insert Egg Pun Here (Pun Intended)

I find myself lagging in posting my Pinterest projects. Sure, I make lots of recipes, but I'm also continually impressed with other bloggers' arts and crafts. I might not have kids, but I like to decorate my house too! This may be influenced by my sister-in-law who keeps her decorations for ALL holidays on strict schedule, but her house is always dressed to the nines!

We made a quick run into Home Depot for paint chips (contemplated wearing a disguise so they wouldn't recognize me) and PVC piping. Nothing like His&Hers projects. I grabbed a bunch of pastel colors from the Behr collection because the stripes between the colors are reminiscent of Easter eggs. And Peeps.

At home I sketched a quick egg shape for the kids and set about tracing two eggs on each paint chip. Some of the eggs had a few letters on them from the paint name, but they were hardly noticeable and we weren't going for perfection. There was a slight hiccup when I realized my nieces weren't cutting on the lines, but creating half-dollar size eggs, but they had made so many by that time we just made a whole garland of petite eggs too!
One little helper with the finished project. Used some plain twine to thread through hole-punched tops; just knotted and alternated colors. I love the effect! Definitely will work on my own at home! 

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