Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ganas: The Live Streaming

For those of you too far or too otherwise occupied to come see Mr. E's screening of his thesis film Ganas, Chapman University offers free live streaming for all of the shorts tonight. 

The streaming starts at 7pm PST and will contain 5 short films (15-30 minutes in length). We're not sure which order they'll be in, so Mr. E's could be first (or last!)- sorry about that! Also, keep in mind since these are student films they are not censored and not rated. Mr. E tells me some of the films may have foul language and/or blood and gore. 

Ganas has a bit of both, being a dark thriller. We follow Clara as she unwillingly teams up with her husband's mistress to avoid a brutal gangster who's hell-bent on collecting what he's owed.

We are so thankful to all the friends and family who have supported us through this process- it really takes a village.

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