Sunday, May 19, 2013

LOVED This Weekend

Life never stops. Sometimes you think that as soon as you get past one big point, everything will calm down again, like life will go back to normal. But what's normal? How do you define something as inconsistent as life? How can you possibly confront life with your expectations and win? 
Life changes. It shifts and moves and laughs at you when you present your plans. Life rescinds your working toilets and showers on a day when you have company over. Life gives you other people's deadlines and schedules and plans that don't always match yours. Life gives you people with expectations that far exceed (and sometimes don't even come close) to yours. 
It's cherishing the time with family that you have now, because you don't know the next time it will happen. It's catching up on jobs and promotions and graduations and newly coordinated throwing skills while cooking Eccles cakes. It's enjoying good food with good people, and laughing off the fact your waiter can't handle 8 very opinionated people at his table.
Life is watching your husband walk down the middle aisle, surrounded by a sea of black robes and red tassles. It's the exhilaration on his face and the hugs of friends who have made it with him. Life is understanding that you didn't just became unemployed and rudder-less all in one moment but it's the best feeling because you conquered three schools, transfers, classes and projects paid out of pocket to graduate with Magna Cum Laude honors. 
Life is meeting, overcoming and looking back on this moment and realizing though great, there are so many more moments ahead that were simply hidden behind this. It's realizing you have the world to face but you're better prepared and though never ready, you're willing and that's all that matters.

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