Sunday, May 12, 2013

LOVED This Week

We did a whole lot more in the last few days than we did all week, but it's been worth every minute.
I recently started recieving a Bon Appetit magazine subscription courtesy of a friend from work (thanks, Minh!)- I've never heard of it before (being a Better Homes and Gardens girl, myself) but I LOVE this magazine. The food is fabulous, the pictures are fresh and inviting- recipes I know that I could make and enjoy. I'll share the recipe of our savory bread pudding later this week.

We went to the last student film screening at Chapman this weekend- sort of a bittersweet event, both an ending and a beginning. While we're so looking forward to Mr. E's graduation (next week!!), we won't have a steady supply of free movies to enjoy. On the bright side, there are usually get-togethers after the screenings for both cast and crew to relax and hang out (usually stress free). I was a little star-struck at the one we went to...Shohreh Aghdashloo was there! Mr. E says I should work on my poker face.

 We spent an afternoon cooking up our resumes and cover letters together, snacking on spinach smoothies and taking reading breaks in the backyard. 

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