Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LOVED Some Time in the Last Few Days

I have no pictures. I have no laptop which means no picture editing and more importantly means no pictures. We're addressing the issue, but it's so hard to face the reality that a piece of wiring and buttons has so much weight in your life.

I can't show you the awesome time we had this weekend, though maybe you'll thank me for that. We didn't go out. We sat on the couch like a couple of slugs and enjoyed being together stress-free. We gave ourselves and our house (omigodthehouse) a freebie and watched Arrested Development re-runs, ordered pizza because we were too tired to cook. It was glorious.

We tag-teamed garage sale-d on Saturday to get rid of stuff in our house (yay for down-sizing!) and Mr. E's grandmothers. Getting rid of Mema's stuff, not Mema. But afterwards we crashed and crashed hard considering this week's ups and downs. We just couldn't get enough of that shut-eye.

We movie-watched and lightly cleaned, did laundry and made sure to walk the dog for 50 cent Slurpees every day. You know, the little things.

I want to show you the new pillows I did. I want to show you how I corralled my jewelry into a cohesive display. I want to show you the salsa I made and tell you about all of the movies we've been watching. But let's just sit tight on that, mmmkay? 

In the mean time I'm writing and job-searching and apartment hunting with the best of them.
Or maybe with the most average of them considering I'm not really feeling like I'm excelling at any of these things.

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