Monday, July 1, 2013

LOVED This Weekend

This weekend was all about re-charging. We spent the majority of Friday stuck in traffic navigating our way down to a dance recital for our neices. I never expect traffic in San Diego County, especially now that we've been to LA and back a few times, so when we get hit with a 20mph crawl along the 5 I am beyond annoyed. But the girls were adorable and danced beautifully (no stage fright this year!). We love supporting them and their interests.
Upon coming home Mr. E and I worked to put the house in order. I personally feel that whenever the world has become too much or too stressful, the first order of business is always to clean house. If I can right the wrongs of my toothpaste-stained mirror and clean the cobwebs from the corners of the house, by doing so I create firmer ground to stand on and face the rest of my life. 

I feel much better facing dinner inquiries if my sink is empty and my counters are wiped- otherwise I'm constantly reminded of all the things I'm behind in, pile after pile shouting my name. Laundry from last weekend! Mop the footprints from the floor! Vacuum the carpet full of dog hair!

Once done I feel justified in taking a nap- or two- and watching movies or playing video games with Mr. E because we don't want to think about anything else. Finishing a level or two on Mario Galaxy sure doesn't hurt, either.

We broke our self-imposed hibernation to meet up with Mr. E's friend growing up at a Korean BBQ place in Tustin. All you can eat and highly recommended for two grown men.
Please let there be fantastic sunsets in Burbank through all of the smog of LA!

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