Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shepherd's Pie (with a twist!)

Hi! We haven't died! Though it kind of came close this week if you count stress-induced heart attacks (which you should).

When I'm not drowning under packing tape or cardboard boxes, I like to find the time to cook with the crazy canned food we don't want to move (can you say heavy?). Project numero uno? Shepherd's Pie. Except the poultry staple was substituted for pork and bacon, obviously, so we'll have to find another idyllic name for my creation. I'm thinking Blacksmith's Pie, because blacksmiths are incredibly manly. And Mr. E said this dinner was incredibly manly too.
Blacksmith's Pie
1 package shredded pork
1/2 package bacon (cooked according to Megan's recipe)
1 cup (more or less) of frozen veggies
5 or 6 small red potatoes
salt and pepper to taste
BBQ sauce to taste
a little bit of flour
pie crust

I have pie crusts in my freezer because I like to whip them out at a moments notice. And by moments notice I actually mean I need to defrost these suckers on the counter all day. Roll out (dear autobots) and place in pie plate. Poke it!

Cook bacon. Please don't eat.

Cook pork in left over bacon grease, because we don't waste things, ya'll. We used a package of pork that had been pre-cooked then flash-frozen, so all we were really doing was browning the edges a little bit.

Mix meats with frozen veggies. Add the rest of the ingredients.

Ideally I wanted to make a soppy, gooey mess that spilled over the crust like LAVA, but the bacon was mysteriously disappearing, so we just stuck it all in the pie crust and cooked for 30 minutes at 425F.

Since this recipe is a little dry we added more BBQ sauce. Delish. I would work on making that gravy or adding a little bit of water and flour and butter to congeal things a bit in the pie.

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