Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Banner

I started a project this weekend and finished it yesterday- though I suppose you could do it all in one day.

I have really fallen in love with the idea of bunting and/or banners- they're just so cute! And they come in so many different shapes and sizes, colors and sayings...

So, I had some odds and ends laying around and set to work!

I had some twine left over from my engagement party last year (only a year? Geez...) where my mom had used it to decorate her windows- tied with scraps of coordinating fabric. I love the rustic look to it, but as it happened I had two pieces, so the shorter got the axe. 

I also turned to my handy (and mutilated) book- are we sensing a theme here? After deciding what I wanted spelled out, I picked a font, traced the letters off of my computer screen and set to cutting. In retrospect I think I would make the font bigger, but I thought I had a lot of letters to cut (which I did) so I was unsure if it would fit.

Guess I'm missing an m?
After laying these all out, I eyeballed the length of twine to have the bottom string droop more than the first and tied the ends together. I then glued the tops of each letter onto the twine (using craft glue) and waited for them to dry. This is a very delicate project due to how small my letters were (and the fact that I made them out of paper). I could easily see these being more sturdy if I had glued the letters to a cardboard base (idea...) or used felt instead (other idea...). 
My chemistry book got some use after all!
Regardless, I like how simple this turned out and it was very easy to drape across our rather large picture frame. Decorated.

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