Monday, November 5, 2012

Eat You Up

I feel that very soon I will have a problem.

As my husband is finishing up his last. year. in. school. (gasp!) we are quickly hurtling towards dual-adultship. Moving-out-of-our-awesome-rented-house-adultship.

Big steps here, people.

And how to I deal with stress? I craft! Nevermind that we'll likely move into a smaller home. Don't think about the fact wall and shelf space will be limited. Ignore the fact that none of our gigantic furniture will fit in anything smaller than a two bedroom place.
See this queen bed.

See this huge desk.
See my beautiful couch.
See his gorgeous TV. 
Those are the only things we'll have room for in LA! (I'm exaggerating...I think.)

I'm actually less stressed about the fact that we might move in 8 months...I'm wholly behind "Home is where your husband is". Until I have kids.

Back to the project. I picked up some large frames off the street.

(The STREET, people! For FREE!)

And brought them home to have my way with them.

I was either stumbling or pinning to waste time and I came across this cute idea -I've been turning it over in my head, trying to put my own spin to it. I finally got so fed up with it that I did it...and it turned out a little less than perfect, but it's done and out of my head, off my to-do list and I can fix it if I want.

It seems she painted over the original painting, allowing the colors to come through. I did not like my original colors, but I loved the size and shape of my frames so I made do.

I painted over the original painting (a cowboy, an indecent lady and a schoolteacher from the late 1800s? His gun was disproportionate to his face so he had to go) with the color scheme I'd like in our bedroom: cool grays, teals and blues, with pops of green. While our bedroom only _kind_ of has these colors, someday I'll have the time (+ energy + money) to bring it all together.
I painted the majority of the pattern/colors I wanted in the corner I knew I was going to stick my quote, so it looked a little bare and lopsided. 
I'll eat you up, I love you so. -- Maurice Sendak
Runner-up quotes:
1. Let's be poor together-- Johnny Lloyd Rollins
2. This too shall pass.
3. Do more of what makes you happy.
4. Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: -you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.-- EE Cummings
5. Just know you're not alone, cuz I'm gonna make this place your home.-- Phillip Phillips

I stuck, held my breath and painted over it all. 
Those bubbly parts didn't stay.
I waited, held my breath and peeled off my stickers.
There was a lot of hyperventilation in this house.

Some of the paint came off with the stickers, but it's small and I can easily paint back in with my fine motor skills. I'm a little more concerned about the swirl of gray paint that I wasn't able to smooth out...Maybe next time I'll dip my paintbrush first, then go at it instead of pouring the paint onto the picture itself. Lesson learned.

A new picture means re-arranging the art in our bedroom! Won't my husband be soooo happy to re-hang all of our pictures? I can just imagine. :D

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