Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dinner Dilemma Solved

I recently created a dry-erase menu frame for our kitchen. Another, project, another frame, another dinner mystery...demystified. I had all of these materials lying around from other projects (YES!), so put-together was relatively easy.
Even keeping us up-to-date on the weekly menu is fun because I get to use markers. What can I say, I'm a kid at heart.

This is much easier for both myself and my husband- we can brainstorm in five minutes what we'd like to eat for the week, touch base with each other's schedules and focus on how best to spend time together.

Typical weeks look something like this:
     Italian (pasta, ravioli, lasagna if I feel ambitious)
     Fish (tuna or tiliapia: I don't do fish)
     Grilled (steaks, chicken, pork: this is Dan's territory)
     Something easy (mac and cheese, taquitos, freezer pizza)
     Mexican (tacos, Hamburger Helper, nachos)
     Burgers (Yes, we eat them almost once a week- they're never the same though!)

A lot of nights we opt to go easy- he's still in school with a weird schedule, work some nights, production meetings for his movie on others...and I get home at dinner time. 

One of my favorite "throw together" meals includes black beans- tilapia and beans, tacos and beans, chicken and beans. I used to drain them, heat them, season and go. Easy protein, right?

I came across this recipe for black beans one night and decided to try it. They reccommend dry beans, but I cut corners. They smelled delicious (Duh! Vinegar!) and when I taste-tested I realized I could almost eat them straight out of the pot.

My hubby, bless his heart, told me this was the first time he actually liked beans. I've been cooking this poor guy beans at LEAST once a week for a year and I never knew!

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