Sunday, August 18, 2013

Going On

Heyyyy. I thought maybe the best way to address this was head-on.

I'm working on finding my angle. My niche for this blog. Who I'm writing to, what I'm writing about and how I want to say it. Originally this was an update for those friends and family we should call more often (you know who you are)- sort of a "what we're doing" kind of thing. But since Mr. E was still in school there was a lot of "Brie's craft time" instead. Which is totally viable and awesome.

Except now that a) we've moved and b) we both have real jobs, there just isn't a whole lot of space or time to do craft projects and baking and sewing and pictures and posting all in one weekend. I'm not that put-together and that's okay.
Now that we're firmly ensconced in Burbank, LA is only a hop skip and jump away from home. There are endless possibilities of things to do around here: restaurants to try, graffiti to see, parks to explore, museums and concerts and movie screenings. The way we see it, we're only young once, but we're broke almost always. And therein lies the rub.

So keep reading! Because this blog will still be all about us! I will regale you with stories of our life- working in the industry, learning to love LA (which I currently don't but may be susceptible to at some point) and all the wacky ins and outs of our hobbies, our interests, and our dog. If you want to know what a grip is, how I created a duvet cover out of sheets, how Mr. E's personal films are being made or what new recipe I'm trying, then it's here.

It's all here.

And I want to share it with you.

Also I updated my About Me page...and now it's as complicated as I always wanted it to be.

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