Monday, March 9, 2015


It's been a run-ragged type of week. Habit can quickly turn into monotony if I'm not careful and there's just too much on my plate to make that distinction. Then there's life that throws you a curveball, or many curveballs at once and all I can do is sit and blink in a dazed is-this-really-happening kind of way.
So forgive me, sweet Thai waitress, for tearing up as you try so hard to present me with my receipt, perfectly folded in a mason jar with  a toothy grin and a many bows of thanks. Your customer service was a welcome relief after the day I just had.

Forgive me, mighty nurses's assistant, for doubting the influence you wield with the tiny petty people in your way. Worker's Comp representatives who avoid picking up their phones and pharmacists too busy to notice that customers are human and often in serious need of pain meds. Or antibiotics. Or anti-inflammatories. Or all of the above, thanks.

Forgive me, inadvertent couch potato of a husband, for walking back and forth in front of your TV screen more often than I strictly needed. When the going gets tough I clean or I boil myself in the bath for fire cannot kill a dragon.

Forgive me, giant family group text, for not responding quickly or comedically. I prefer to bask in the 168 unread text messages in the morning and know that I am loved- not because of numbers but because of inclusion.

Forgive me, the least sneaky of all my coworkers, for secretly grinning from ear to ear when the FDA entered the room and singled you out instead of me. You answered their questions perfectly and provided me with a great example of how to deal with audit pressure.

Forgive me, friends and family who are expecting cross-state or cross-country visits. Mr. E made the decision to bow out of this round of the Burbank PD application (though he made it to the top 10 out of 800+ starting applicants!) because they needed physical fitness much too quickly for a bum knee. So we're not sure when we can visit- because we could actually be the cause of the shortage of clean water in the world with all the ice we're making.

And to the pharmacists I've dealt with in the last three weeks? I hope your chip bags are always filled with crumbs. I hope your pens run out whenever you need them most. I hope street parking is always full so you have to pay for the garage. I hope someone spoils the ending to all your favorite shows, that you miss all the good previews in movies and that your cup is always filled with too much ice and not enough drink.

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