Monday, February 2, 2015


"Oh, that's so cute, you guys match."
We exchanged looks and smiled.
Not this again.
We look awesome.
There's just something about dressing up that lends a sense of gravity to a situation. Even if that situation is watching old men in tiny rooms perform sleight of hand on tipsy audience members. We scored a visit to the Magic Castle last weekend and it brought back all sorts of memories. Mostly multi-colored spongy memories- Mr. E's favorite trick.
Of course, I'm partial to spongy memories too- just before Mr. E proposed with a flash and a bang on the beach he ramped up the excitement with some sponge bunnies.
We laughed and danced and ate and drank our way through the crowded corners of the Castle- photography strictly prohibited, unfortunately.
We learned some things:
-Whiskey sours are amazing.
-Irma, the playing piano, truly knows all songs.
-Uber is the most amazing service in LA.
-People still comment on the fact that when I put on a dress Mr. E's tie is guaranteed to coordinate.
Like that was new or something?

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