Monday, January 12, 2015


How are your neighbors?

Do you know?

Are you friends? Landlord-hating-buddies? Passive-aggressive door-slamming competitors?

Do you...accidentally listen to their middle of the night fights while giggling in the bathroom because their window is open?

During a lull in History Channel's Vikings, (pleasegowatchthis) we heard it....

A theme song we know by heart.
how i met your mother
This show was an integral part of our dating years. It was something we could always come back to- laughing at Barney's attempts to pick up chicks, laughing at Ted's inability to understand anything about anybody, laughing at how close Lily and Marshall's relationship was to our own...

But we have so moved past this show.

Only to have it repeated four to five times a night. Every night. On the other side of our couch wall.

Every so often Mr. E will come in as I'm getting ready for bed and shrilly whisper, "They're watching ANOTHER one."

We smile and laugh and wonder how long it will take them to please finish.

We've moved from Vikings to Planet Earth to Friends. And then late one night, we heard it....

No one told you life was gonna be this waaaaaaaaayyyy....

Dan ran into the bedroom with some serious eyebrow game: "They're watching Friends! Those BITERS."

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